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      How Can You Sell Your Property Online When There Are Ongoing Issues With Your Property?” Okay, so let me ask you what kind of issues?

      Notice of default, Property Tax Delinquent Sale, Notice of Trustee Sale, Partial Owner, IRS , STATE TAX LIENS, Red Tag, HOA Liens Foreclosure, Probate Needed.

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        “It’s just hard to understand that you look at a house once and a few days later you close on the home.”

        “Kevin, I just wanted to thank you for purchasing my house so quickly in Concord. It’s just hard to understand that you look at a house once and a few days later you close on the home. As a seller getting a divorce this worked really well. Thanks again!”


        Kevin— Fort Myers, FL


        “He made us a very fair offer so here we are 10 days later signing papers and everything went through really well.”

        Barbara and Homer – San Pablo Client

        “Kevin really did help me and I’ve felt better since I met them”

        Marva – Richmond Client

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