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    Try searching “Sell My House California” on the internet. You’ll end up getting hundreds of websites with the tag Sell My House California itself where you will find real estate agents listing ‘n’ number of properties on a daily basis! That’s where we are different from them!

    When you search “Sell My House California”“Sell My House California”“Sell My House California” you’ll get real estate agents or middlemen who will be between you and the potential buyers of your property. We aren’t like them. We are real home buyers.

    Unlike them we don’t make any commission, cuts or additional agent fees for the sale of your property, you can try searching “Sell My House California” At Sell Home Cash to see the difference. Agents that you might find online may list your properties on their websites and then charge 4-8% of commission.

    This is called “Agents Commission” One of our earliest clients came up with a question “I Want To Sell My House California but I don’t want to spend extra $2,000-3000 to an agent.”

    That’s when we said that we are not like those real estate agents, we’re actual home buyers who offer a fair price to our clients for their properties irrespective of their house’s condition.

    After which we ourselves made an actual research where we went across hundreds of such websites by simply typing “Sell My House California” or “Sell My House California”.

    We ourselves tried searching around “Sell My House California” We noticed that most of them charge a hefty percentage of the sale price if they find a buyer, and must specify that “not all properties that are listed on these websites get good buyers who offer reasonable prices.” Many of them remain unsold too!

    Also you end up paying commissions to them even when the purchase or sale takes place after a long period of time.

    So unlike them, we are an authentic company whose sole motto is to purchase houses. When you search for Sell My House California, we buy them. We don’t list houses.

    We take the risk of buying your house as it is, no matter what might be the
    condition of your house we will buy your house. We will take the responsibility of repairing the house and clearing all the legal notices too.

    It is true that at times we buy houses at a price which might be below market prices but then we take care of all the repair work, reconstruction, documentation work so that we can resell the property and make our profit from it.

    So are you searching For “Sell My House California or somewhere else?” Contact Us! One more added benefit with Sell Home Cash is that we make the payment via cash within 2-3 days!

    You can directly give us a call to know the price quote on your property, once we make an offer there is no obligation that you have to make the deal, you can easily opt out from the conversation too.

    So if you ask us that “I Want To Sell My House California or Contra Costa, Solano, Napa, Alameda, Sacramento, San Francisco or etc.” We would work out the best and a fair price for you no matter how bad or good is the condition of your home.

    In case of any questions or concern, feel free to bother us! In case you want to know more about our company don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


      “It’s just hard to understand that you look at a house once and a few days later you close on the home.”

      “Kevin, I just wanted to thank you for purchasing my house so quickly in Concord. It’s just hard to understand that you look at a house once and a few days later you close on the home. As a seller getting a divorce this worked really well. Thanks again!”


      Kevin— Fort Myers, FL


      “He made us a very fair offer so here we are 10 days later signing papers and everything went through really well.”

      Barbara and Homer – San Pablo Client

      “Kevin really did help me and I’ve felt better since I met them”

      Marva – Richmond Client

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